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Drug Abuse Rehab in Santa Rosa, California

At Aurora Recovery, our drug rehab center in Santa Rosa, California, we provide comprehensive drug addiction treatments and therapeutic solutions for clients from all walks of life. We don’t just treat the habit itself, we teach our clients ways to identify and deal with the problems that may be causing them to gravitate towards drugs.


Empowered Solutions

By teaching our clients to understand why and when they turn to drug use during their stay in our substance abuse treatment facility, we can teach them how to manage their future problems and say no to drug use. We are not a drug detox clinic that works as an assembly line, simply pushing clients through the process in order to start with a new one. We tailor each plan of recovery to every single client’s personal needs so that they have the tools necessary to lead a productive and happy life without turning to drugs. At Aurora Recovery in Santa Rosa, California, we are committed to helping our clients reach their recovery goals.


On-Premises Supervised Detox

Our drug rehab facility is proud to offer an on-site, supervised detox center for our clients who require detox. Whether you have been clean for weeks and already through the worst part of your withdrawal symptoms or if you are severely sick from discontinued use just a day or so ago, we have the friendly and experienced staff that can help you pull through. Every patient in withdrawal will be closely supervised by professionals who can properly recognize and treat any severe issues that may arise at our drug rehab facility.


Extended Therapy Solutions

All of our addiction recovery programs include comprehensive therapy in order to explore the underlying issues our clients face on a daily basis. Dual diagnosis is an important part of addiction recovery for those clients who struggling with a co-occurring mental health disorder, as without facing the problems that may be contributing to drug use, our clients may not get better. We offer therapy to each client on an individual basis so that we can further discuss any mental or mood disorders that may be aggravating the addiction.


Group Therapy

Therapy solutions within our addiction recovery center will include ongoing group therapy sessions between clients. All sessions are overseen by a licensed therapist who will carefully guide the class towards meaningful discussions, yet sit back and allow each individual time on the floor. We believe in a close-knit community within the walls of our addiction recovery facility as we push to help each and every client get the help they need. While group therapy may sound off-putting to some, our therapists have found that with time and patience members of each session start to open up and lean on one another for support.


Avoiding Triggers

Our addiction treatment center provides our clients with the tools they need when they complete the program. This includes guidance and suggestions on how to avoid triggers and cravings in certain settings. These methods include avoiding friends and places that contribute to drug or alcohol use and avoiding stressful situations. We also teach coping methods for clients for when stress occurs and they wish to turn to drug use.


Aftercare is Key

Our addiction treatment center is only the first stop on your path to continued sobriety and success. When you leave our addiction treatment facility, we will send you off with the appropriate steps for continued care. We have many out-patient support programs and information on other support groups, including 12-step programs, which will help you when you are faced with everyday triggers and stress. We wholeheartedly believe in our addiction recovery program while you are here, but also want to stress the importance of aftercare when you leave. We are behind you 100% in your pursuit of sobriety.

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