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Are you ready to reclaim your life from addiction? Are you hoping for a better future? Do you want to change the way you’re living? It might be time to seek help at Aurora Recovery, our drug rehab center. Our drug rehab clinic in Mount Dora, Illinois offers a number of benefits for anyone who might be working to overcome an addiction. If you’ve been struggling to break free from substance abuse, it’s important to understand that there are many options available at Aurora Recovery. Our addiction treatment center can help you conquer your addiction and learn how to avoid relapse in the future, but it’s up to you to get started.


Many adults struggle with the decision to enter a program at an addiction recovery facility. Perhaps they feel embarrassed about their addiction. They might be afraid their boss, friends, or loved ones will find out about the addiction. However, it’s important to remember that when it comes to your health and your well being, it is vital that you take any steps necessary to ensure you’re moving forward toward a bright and healthy future. Furthermore, the stigma associated with addiction is unfounded — at our Mount Dora, Illinois substance abuse treatment facility, we understand that.


Unlike going “cold turkey” at home, Aurora Recovery drug rehab clinic is able to provide a safe, controlled environment in which to detox. If you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol, you may find that the first few days are the hardest. This is normal. It may take awhile for your body to adjust to coping without the substance you’re addicted to, but you can break free with the help of our Mount Dora, Illinois addiction recovery center.


Aurora Recovery addiction treatment clinic will ensure you’re able to break free in a safe, comfortable way, and we can help minimize withdrawal symptoms and effects. Many individuals are apprehensive of the detox process, but the truth is that once you’re through this part of recovery, you can move forward to learning how to truly overcome substance abuse.


At our Mount Dora, Illinois substance abuse treatment facility, you’ll participate in different types of therapy. This could include individual therapy sessions, where you’ll meet with someone one-on-one basis to discuss your history, your hopes, and your feelings. You’ll receive the training you need to avoid your triggers when you return to your daily life, and you’ll develop the skills you need to stay sober once you’re back in the world beyond our drug rehab clinic.


You may also regularly attend group therapy sessions. Group therapy is essential because it enables you to recognize that you aren’t alone on your recovery journey. There are other people who have an idea of what you’re going through and how you feel. Group therapy provides a safe place where you can talk about your feelings, your experiences, and your hopes.


Finally, you may choose to take art or music therapy classes. If you aren’t a big talker, you may enjoy these types of therapy, since the focus is on expressing your emotions in different ways. Even if you aren’t sure how to articulate your thoughts into words, you can express these through art and music.


No matter what you’re facing, know that you don’t have to do it alone anymore. Reach out today to Aurora Recovery in Mount Dora, Illinois and get the help you need to start moving forward.

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