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Watching a loved one struggle with addiction is heartbreaking. You’re terrified about what could happen, and powerless to do anything about it. The one thing you can do, and perhaps the most important, is to encourage your friend or family member to get the help they desperately need in a reputable substance abuse treatment facility before tragedy strikes.


Safety Above All Else

At the Aurora Recovery, our drug rehab facility in Bowling Green, Kentucky, is part of an extensive network of drug rehab centers. Here, our clients stay in a safe, secluded environment, away from the stressors that might trigger their addiction. The serene atmosphere of our addiction recovery center allows clients to feel protected and peaceful so they can fully devote themselves to their recovery. Fresh air and lodging in a calming, caring addiction treatment center are key to long-term success.



Your loved one will be able to speak frankly about the feelings they have experienced — the hopelessness, guilt, fear that accompany addiction. Here, they will be among other clients who have similar stories to share, and they will be able to express their feelings without judgment. While these conversations can be difficult and painful, it’s comforting for addicts in recovery to know they are not alone, and that they are among friends who are battling similar issues. Opening up and truly communicating their emotions is a critical part of our addiction recovery program. Once they develop an understanding and awareness of the depths of their addictions, they can begin to learn how to cope in a more healthy manner after they have successfully completed treatment.



Clients develop a sense of community and form bonds as they become an extended support group for one another. A drug rehab facility enables clients to develop relationships that often extend long after they’ve left our addiction recovery facility. In addition to the professional help they receive, these friendships can be essential as they move forward into a new life of sobriety, knowing that there is someone they can lean on who understands where they’ve been and where they want to go in their new sober life.



All addicts have different experiences, and recognizing this, we don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to treatment. Our clients will receive individualized care catered to their specific needs. They will also receive the mental health therapy they require as they recover – we don’t just address their addiction alone. We believe in total recovery at our addiction treatment facility, and that involves addressing the overall well-being of each and every client we serve, including any co-occurring disorders they may be struggling with.


Our clients come to us at the darkest hours of their lives, and they will begin by detoxing in a carefully supervised environment by qualified professionals who understand the power of addiction. Once they are fully detoxed, they begin an intense but crucial therapy that will be invaluable as they begin anew. They will also be offered extensive aftercare, that is an important component of an addict’s recovery – they don’t cease being our client once they’ve left our drug detox clinic.


As any recovering addict knows, the quality of care and counseling they receive at the start of their addiction recovery is critical to their success. Recovery is a process, but at our facility, your loved one will get the attention, compassion and expertise they require to live a life free of the drugs that have enslaved them. Our top priority is for every client to triumph and move on to a new happier, healthier life where they can rebuild relationships and take pride in having overcome a difficult, painful addiction.

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